“Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying”

-Albert Einstien

Hello everyone! Welcome to Tech-n-Art. So this blog is all about capturing some of my day to day learnings and experiences amongst other things. I’ve started out on learning some new stuff in Tech and Art areas and this blog is sharing about my experience and projects as a beginner in said domains.
I have no idea about what I’m doing with life and just doing some crazy experiments in some areas. So yeah! I’ll be sharing some stuff from this crazy awesome roller-coaster ride on this blog!


My name is Aarushi Nema and I’m an 18-year-old entrepreneur based in Gurugram, India. I call my startup “The Smart Interface” (look it up ya’ll) and our first product is- Aaru, an AI-based virtual personal assistant that can help students, schools, call centers and a variety of other sectors to delegate routine and administer simple tasks, therefore, increasing efficiency. This is live with 700+ homes.  As a self-confessed tech lover, I believe anyone should be able to talk to any application or database. I am really proud to share with you guys that I am a recipient of the Karmaveer Chakra Award and a Global Young Leader Fellow from iCongo- The Campus Connect and the UN. I just completed my 12th from Delhi Public School, R K Puram and am taking a year off to gain new experiences and experiment in a few domains.

Things I like:

  • Learning new stuff every day
  • Electronics and Coding
  • Drawing
  • Reading Books
  • Imagining myself as the protagonist while watching a movie/ TV show
  • Anything related to Naruto
  • Annoying my brother (to the point that he almost starts crying :P)

Stay tuned for exciting content on Tech (Arduino, daily coding challenges, data structures, etc) and my art work.

If you too love learning about Tech, Art or looking at awsome content then this surely blog is for you! I usually post around 3-4 times in a week. Feel free to subcribe !!

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