Coding Challenge Day-15: Problem 1: Search for element in Binary Search Tree

Hello! So I’m doing a 30 day coding challenge where I solve a few questions every day and thought of posting them here on my blog so that you guys can join the challenge too!

Welcome to Coding challenge Day 15: Problem 1! Be sure to post your answers, queries etc in the comments!

Problem: Search for element in Binary Search Tree


Sample: Search element= 4
Output: Element found

Sample: Search element= 23
Output: Element not found


package tree.binarysearchtree;

public class Program001searching_for_element {
	static class Node {
		int data;
		Node left, right;
		public Node (int d){
			left= right= null;
	static class BST {
		Node root;
		public BST(){
			root= null;
		public void add_left(Node parent_node, Node node){
			parent_node.left= node;
		public void add_right (Node parent_node, Node node){
			parent_node.right= node;
		public Node search (Node node, int search){
			if (node==null ||{
				return node;
			if( search<{
				return search (node.left, search);
				return search(node.right, search);
	public static void main (String [] args){
		BST tree= new BST();
		tree.root= new Node(8);
		Node node6= new Node(6);
		tree.add_left(tree.root, node6);
		Node node10= new Node(10);
		tree.add_right(tree.root, node10);
		Node node4= new Node(4);
		tree.add_left(node6, node4);
		Node node7= new Node(7);
		tree.add_right(node6, node7);
		Node node9= new Node(9);
		tree.add_left(node10, node9);
		Node node11= new Node(11);
		tree.add_right(node10, node11);
		Node node3= new Node(3);
		tree.add_left(node4, node3);
		Node node5= new Node(5);
		tree.add_right(node4, node5);
		Node found=, 10);
			System.out.println("Element found");
			System.out.println("Element not found");


Download Code

Happy Learning!!

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