Who are entrepreneurs and what motivates them?

We see Entrepreneurs pop up in all types of industries and having widely different backgrounds. Some are from small towns and villages, some from well-off and urban backgrounds, some studying some the top institutes of the world, whereas some who didn’t even go to school. Some work on personal brands, some work tirelessly on a social cause that they believe in, some sell software, while some are really passionate about a physical product.

So Who Is An Entrepreneur?

Simply put, An entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem and takes on a financial risk to start a business to solve that problem. Let’s see what other websites have to say:

According to investopedia.com, An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

According to entrepreneur.com, a entrepreneur is a starter, driver an someone who is responsible and accountable.

According to thebalancesmb.com, An entrepreneur is someone who develops an enterprise around an innovation. They manage the business and assume the risk for its success.

As you can see the definition of entrepreneurship is different for everyone. Though a general pattern can be identified here. Entrepreneurs are innovators, risk-takers, problemsolvers, and optimists. They are people who create value in the market and in the lives of other people.

On this journey, they develop confidence and tenacity to overcome hardship. They are people who put their all into a dream. vision, passion and walk shoulder-to-shoulder with their team to fulfill their dream. They are misfits and rebels who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo because they believe they can change the world.

What Motivates An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is an adventure in itself. For entrepreneurs, it is an unusual and challenging experience where you have the desire to do something new and groundbreaking, create unbreakable bonds with amazing people, explore and experiment on new grounds, learning as you and your business grow. It is the want of this experience that pushes an entrepreneur to take risks and set out on this rough-tough journey.

Entrepreneurship is quite forgiving in terms of freedom; YOU are your own boss, YOU make the rules. Another motivating factor is the possibility of amassing wealth, power, and fame. A 9-5 job tends to be boring and monotonous whereas entrepreneurship is an escapade from monotony- it is a new experience every single day. Entrepreneurship provides the grounds to exercise your own vast array of skill sets and be independent. 

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