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In the modern age of ever-evolving technologies, communication is playing a bigger role in our daily lives than they ever have. If you rely on the technology for your business, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are up to speed with your competition. The more efficiently that you use the technology available, and the stronger your application and software is, the bigger your advantage over your competitors.

User interface is key to effective communication between your application and your customers. A good user interface facilitates usability and to improves the user experience which in turn can convert potential visitors to buyers. According to Google Trends, the use of conversational technology has lead to led to business growth of over 19 times over the last five years as individuals and businesses leverage a virtual assistant to improve customer experience for company’s website or application.

Introducing AARU Robot!

AARU Robot is a voice and text enabled AI based virtual assistant to answer customer queries. With AARU Robot, businesses can focus on their core application development and maintenance while AARU Robot takes care of the user interface. Moreover, this virtual assistant acts as a single interface for all your applications. What’s more, is that this single interface in turn allows you to connect to various communication methods (Apps, Websites, Phone Calling, Alexa, Google Home. etc). AARU Robot was built with the mission to help businesses apply conversation to their applications. Additionally, AARU Robot provides navigational interfaces and application tailored dashboard features

Chat and Navigational Querying



Key Features:


Provides timely, accurate, and tailored experiences for your customers


Available 24/7 and reduces needs for call forwarding, call backs, and long queues


Highly scalable and integrates with applications and interfaces seamlessly


Delivers responses in seconds and eliminates wait times








How AARU Robot Works?

Whether you access AARU Robot from the app, Alexa, or Google Home, it uses Natural Language Understanding to decipher and extract relevant information from customer queries. The workload engine on the AARU Robot platform, breaks down the query sentence to their root level by handling the many quirks of human language and acknowledging that there is some information or a command to be parsed.

AARU Robot leverages what is known as “Intent and Slot Identification” to derive meaning from requests.

Intent is what the user is trying to accomplish. For instance, the query “what is my meter reading” gets parsed to the intent “get meter reading.”

Slot refers to elements that define and shape is needed to be accomplish such as dates, times, locations, numbers etc. For instance, the query “Give me recharge history for 12/20” will parse to “recharge history 12 20” and will give the amount the user recharged their electricity bill in the month of December in the year 2020. Here the month December and the year 2020 are known as slots.

In addition, AARU Robot internally maps which of our customer’s application the request needs to be sent to.

The system’s goal is to match the user’s request to a predefined task or question as defined by our business partner’s application development team. Once this is achieved, AARU Robot fires the decoded request to the relevant partner’s application API.

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