Array Programming Problems Links

  1. Initialize an array with input values from the user
  2. Initialize an array with random values between 1 and 100(Hint: use Math.random())
  3. Display the contents of an array
  4. Find the sum of all elements in an array
  5. Find the largest element in an array
  6. Find the lowest index of the largest element in an array
  7. Shifting elements of an array to the left
  8. Shifting elements of an array to the right
  9. Obtain the English name of a given month by its number
  10. Randomly shuffle the elements of an array
  11. Write a program that finds the average of contents in an array and counts the number of elements greater than the average
  12. Write a program that will pick out four random cards from a deck of cards
  13. Use arraycopy method to contents of one array to another
  14. Write a program to reverse an array
  15. Random Characters generator + counter
  16. Linear Search**
  17. Binary Search**
  18. Selection Sort**
  19. Calculator
  20. Assign Grades
  21. Reverse the numbers entered
  22. Count occurrence of numbers
  23. Analyze scores
  24. Print Distinct Numbers
  25. Prime Numbers less than 50
  26. Count Single Digits
  27. Average an array
  28. Find the smallest element
  29. Find the index of the smallest element
  30. Statistics: Compute deviation
  31. Reverse array without creating a new array
  32. Random number chooser
  33. Computing GCD
  34. Eliminate duplicates
  35. Execution Time
  36. Sorting Students
  37. Bubble sort
  38. Sorted?
  39. Revise selection sort
  40. Sum Integer from command line array input
  41. Find the number of upper case letters in a String which is entered from the command line
  42. Locker Puzzle
  43. Unique suit picker
  44. Algebra: solve quadratic equations
  45. Math: Combinations
  46. Strictly identical arrays
  47. Identical arrays
  48. Game: Pick four cards

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