Episode 1: The One with Journalism

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Juliana Lazarus is a seasoned journalist who has worked in the field for more than 20 years as an editor for Bangalore Mirror, The Gulf News, and The Indian Express. Step right up to this insightful episode to dive deep into the world of journalism.

This conversation with Ms. Lazarus introduced us to the world of Media and Journalism. We received a keen insight into the workings of reporting and writing. She shares her knowledge on different reporting styles, writing styles, and the various paths there are to explore in journalism. She passes on invaluable life and career advice on the value of learning and keeping the goodness alive in ourselves. Tune in to this episode in which our discussion ranges from yellow journalism to advertising in the media where she gives us a window into her personal experience in the industry.

Check out the Unalome Podcast Website: https://unalomepodcast.wixsite.com/jas3

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