Episode 2: The One with Cosmetology

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In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Ms.Shwetha Raju who is an award-winning professional Makeup Artist and a graduate of the London School of Makeup. Within the cosmetology industry, she focuses on weddings, portfolios, and shoots. Ms. Raju has experience of over 8 years and has beautified hundreds of clients from celebrities to brides.

“What started as a hobby for Shwetha Raju has quickly materialized into a business enterprise with clients lining up for her time and make-up expertise. She is the winner of the Times Award for Best Makeup Artist. Her mastery in Airbrush Makeup was recognized internationally and felicitated at the IMATS Festival in New York, by none other than Makeup Guru Mario Dedivanovic and fashionista Kim Kardashian-West.

In this conversation, we got a peek into the world of cosmetology. Ms. Raju walks us through her experience as a makeup artist by sharing the challenges that she faced on this rather unconventional career path. We also learned the importance of listening to clients, being patient, and consistent. Our discussion ranged from the exciting schedules of a makeup artist and the art of dealing with difficult clients to courage and creative freedom. Are makeup artists and beauticians one and the same? PLEASE NO! Tune in to find out more.

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