Episode 3: The One with the Culinary Arts

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Mr. Sidney Rebello has a wealth of experience in the food and beverage industry. Starting off as a young chef with the Centaur hotel group, he has worked with a number of reputable organizations like the Oberoi group, The Metropolitan Group, Dubai, with The Sun-n-Sand Hotel. Kenya and the Manipal Group, Bangalore, etc.

During his stint with the Oberoi Group he was posted to the Soaltee Oberoi, Kathmandu, who were the official caterers to His Majesty The Late King Birendra of Nepal and he had the opportunity during his 8 years there to serve various Heads of State including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Late Princess Diana, Premier Li Peng Of China, President Zia-ul-Haq and President Jayawardene. He then tried his hand at entrepreneurship and set up a Premier night club in Bangalore called Zero G. for three years. An experienced chef and entrepreneur, he now teaches culinary arts at the Garden City University, Bangalore.

Gaining a keen insight into the industry through the eyes of Mr. Rebello, we learned how culinary arts has transformed over the years. We were made aware of the skills and qualities it takes to work in the food industry. Our conversation ranged from gender disparity in the food industry to Mr.Rebello’s clever ways to teach his students the culinary arts during the pandemic. He spoke to us about working hard and persevering to achieve our goals both personal and professional. Tune into this episode for a delicious treat!

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