Episode 4 The One with Graphic Design

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For years, the universe has misunderstood that design is art. But we are here to put an end to that! In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Mr. Ranjit Joseph, Owner of DesignEighteen, a graphic design company. Starting off as a novice in the field of design, Mr. Ranjith taught himself on the job and rose through the ranks. He progressed to a position as a visualizer in The New Indian Express Bangalore. Moving into the IT sector at the .com boom, web design was another skill he picked up and was part of the founding group at a Media consultancy firm. 5 years on, he decided to venture on his own, starting Design Eighteen from a home office. A short work experience with an overseas firm gave him the impetus to move into outsourced design. Design Eighteen then focused more on overseas clients, with varied clientele from the US, UK, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.

Over a period of 20 years, working round the clock from any location that had internet access, meant that he could follow his other passions of traveling and scuba diving. Design and diving went together to enable him to win a deal to train as a Scuba Diving instructor in Bali. Mr. Ranjit currently teaches scuba diving at Planet Scuba India to enthusiasts in Bangalore.

Mr. Ranjit took us deep into the world of graphic design. He spoke about the various opportunities in his field and gave us insights into how designers can score big projects. He advised us on taking the time to find our calling and not limit our career options. We love how he turned his passion into a career. He found adventure at every turn, be it starting off a design firm or learning scuba diving. Even though he studied a mainstream subject, he let his heart pave the way. Stay tuned to get a sneak peek into a special segment on scuba diving.

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