Episode 5 The One with Teen Life Coaching

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In today’s episode, we’re in conversation with Mr. Rajat Soni, who is an international teen-life and parenting coach. Switching from the corporate side, Mr.Soni became a certified coach from the International Coach Federation to help nurture teens to step outside their comfort zones and reach their full potential. Using his ‘Signature Strategic Success Toolbox’, he has helped empower more than 20,000 teenagers to face the world with resilience and grit, accelerating their success and development via expert mentoring and guidance.

Mr. Rajat has been featured and covered by India Today, The Teenager Today, Life Positive Magazine, Newspapers like the Indian Express, and online platforms like Your Story. He has been a speaker on global platforms like the National Entrepreneurship Network, Speakers Tribe Global Summit, and Youth Leadership Conference. He has also written a book called “Un-judge your Teenager” which speaks about well-researched concepts, tools, and executable strategies that will help parents create a connection with themselves and their teenagers.

Through this conversation, Mr.Soni gives us a bird’ eye view of his rather uncommon career path. We start with a discussion of what exactly it means to be a teen-life coach. Mr. Rajat shares the joy of treading on this career path and learning from so many young minds. He shares important qualities required of a teen life coach. He uncovers the mysteries of being a good conversationalist and sheds light on the difference between mentoring, counseling, and coaching. Citing examples from his day-to-day activities, we were able to relate to the things he said since we ourselves are stepping into the outside world. Teen life coaching is about helping teens transition from adolescence to adulthood. But it’s also so much more. So plug in your headphones and give this episode a listen!

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