Linked List: ListNode Class to create a node of a linked list

Question: Create a class Listnode which has two private data fields: data (int type) and next (Listnode type). The class should have a constructor which initializes the value of data. Additionally, the class should have accessor and mutator methods for both data fields.

package additional_problems.linkedList;

 * This class is the type declaration for a linked list
 * Created by aarushi on 24/6/21.
public class ListNode {
    //data fields
    private int data; //stores the value of the node
    private ListNode next; //stores the reference of the next node

    //constructor to initialize the value of the node
    public ListNode(int data){ data;

    //accessor method to get the value stored in data
    public int getData() {

    //mutator method to change the value of data
    public void setData(int data) { = data;

    //accessor method which returns the reference of the next node
    public ListNode getNext() {

    //mutator method which changes the reference of the next node
    public void setNext(ListNode next) { = next;

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