Episode 8 The One with Vocal Coaching

“Music once admitted to the soul becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.”

This is an evocative reminder of the life of our guest, Ms. Divya RT. With her mellow voice that washes over you like the calming waves of the sea, she speaks to us about what music means to her, how it changed her life, and catapulted her into a career which she’d never anticipated. Her tryst with music started off as a young girl training in Carnatic music for six years. She later went on to pursue science and became a chemistry lecturer at Mount Carmel College. But she was eventually drawn back to music as it had never completely left her.

A path-breaking entrepreneur, she started VOXCOACH when vocal coaching and techniques were very abstract concepts. To enable aspiring singers to find their voices, she dove right in and carved a niche of her own. Her brainchild VOXCOACH is a comprehensive voice training and coaching venture for singing, voice art, and speech. This novel platform offers beginner and advanced levels of vocal training techniques and voice therapy. She also completed a project at Shankar Mahadevan Academy and earned a Berklee Online School Certificate in “Creativity & Entrepreneurship in Music Industry.

Our conversation with her was a symphony of her unique experiences with music and how it shaped her life. Introducing us to the art of singing she gives us a peek into the science behind it. She speaks to us about how she followed the path of least resistance, allowing life to take the wheel and find its way. Our discussion ranged from her unique views about music to the different paths an aspiring singer can take. Join us as we speak to her about her journey as a professional vocal coach.

Here is the link to her app!!

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